About Us

Radhe physiotherapy is largest and one of the most respectable names in providing private In-Home and In-Clinic Physiotherapy services. We are valued for providing best home based physiotherapy in Gandhinagar and kudasan. Our team of supportive and compassionate physiotherapist provides highest standards of physiotherapy practices specially for whom it is difficult to go to the Physiotherapy clinic without compromising on the quality of physiotherapy treatment and exercises.


A world where everybody is healthy and free from pain by providing world class care services


Prevention is better than cure.


Our mission is Providing best treatment of physiotherapy to avoid surgery & maximum recovery without any surgery. Our goal is to make patients happy in gandhinagar, Gujarat & as well as in india. “PAIN FREE INDIA”

Why Choose Us?

Effective physiotherapy

It’s a fact – Radhe Physiotherapy provides effective physiotherapy treatments. Our treatments work well and will help you improve. Our physiotherapy input is designed to produce the best possible result for our patients. Rest assured that you would be in good hands.

Physiotherapist who care

Our entire physiotherapy team continually update their skills; keeping them great at what they do. We only have enthusiastic physiotherapists that are willing to go that extra mile to allow every patient to realize his or her potential.

Beyond the symptoms

All our physiotherapists perform a complete assessment that ensures they find the reasons for your symptoms. We will then concentrate treatment on both the symptoms and the causes. This will help you make swift improvements that will last longer.

Get the most from your treatment

We believe the first step to your recovery is to understand what’s wrong and what can be done to help. All our physiotherapists will work hard to help you understand your conditions and problems and causative factors. Any treatment or exercise the physiotherapist uses will be clearly explained. We like questions and are always happy to explain.

It’s all about YOU

We firmly believe that physiotherapy should be patient centered. This means that your problems and the goals you want to achieve are of paramount importance to us. We want to give you the best available service as quickly as we can and at times that suit you.

Meeting your needs

We will bend over backwards to provide you with what you are looking for. We offer flexible appointment times at a range of locations. Our clinic is modernly equipped, centrally located and wheelchair accessible. Whatever your problem we can help.